5 Products you always need to have in your bag..

Having effective skincare isn’t just an AM and PM routine, we should be having a little top-up and maintenance throughout the day. 

Number one, you know what I’m going to say - SPF. For effective protection against sun damage you need to be using a separate Factor 50+ SPF on a morning even if there is SPF in your other products. Topping up throughout the day can be a bit of a task if you like to wear Make-up daily however there is always a way. You can re-apply liquid SPF with a damp beauty blender over your makeup if you are extremely gentle - this wouldn’t be my first choice but it’s still an option.  I would personally use a spray SPF or you can get SPF powders which both make it very easy to reapply throughout the day. 

Kate Somerville 50 SPF - Setting spray and SPF is amazing for reapplication. 

Number two, Spritz we all know humectants work by drawing water into the skin. They can only work effectively if there is water in the atmosphere to hydrate. So if you are often outside of work or in an overly dry environment having sprits at hand is essential to just top up hydration throughout the day. 

I personally use La Roche Posay - if you keep it in the fridge it’s even more refreshing. 

Number three, Lip balm is so good to have on hand. For those dryer days, there is nothing worst than the feeling of sore dry lips. Always have a great nourishing lip balm on hand to just pop on when you can feel the dryness setting in. 

Cacti lip balms naturally highly hydrating and smell divine. 

Number four, Hand cream especially at these times of hand gel at every entrance hand cream is essential for keeping your hands nourished when using alcohol hand gel constantly. 

Nursem hand cream is formulated by nurses is very nourishing and again smells lovely.  

Number five Sunglasses, Your eyes are always a give away to age - They don’t grow old gracefully. A little tip for me, as well as a good eye cream and SPF always carry around a pair of sunglasses. They are UV protected and will add an extra layer of protection - wear them rain or shine. 

These 5 products will ensure you’re prepared for anything - skincare wise anyway. 



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