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Moisturising is the final part of a skincare routine apart from obviously SPF in the AM. Its the final hit of hydration and protection that contributes to your skin health.

In your AM routine you may want to use a lighter moisturiser if you prefer the feel of something lighter during the day or like a dewy base for make up. Some great ones to try are:

Use your heavier, richer moisturisers on an evening to really have an impact on your skin and protect that skin barrier.

You can also apply a facial oil on top of your moisturiser on an evening if you have an overly dry skin. The reason for putting it on after your moisturiser is that oils can penetrate moisturiser but not vice versa, your moisturiser wouldn’t effect the skin if you put a facial oil on first.

There isn’t too much to say about moisturisers I would personally just pick a product that’s going to be very nourishing, and leave the serious active ingredients to serums.

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