Skin purging or a breakout?

Knowing this difference is knowing if the product you’re using is worth keeping or discarding.

Skin purging is the sudden appearance of small, cluster outbreaks. This can be due to introducing new products especially ones that aid cell turn over such as retinol, vitamin c and AHA or BHA. This can last around 28 days as that’s how long it takes for cells to turn over.

Breakouts are consistent, if the products you are using don’t improve your skin within 4-6 weeks then change it up. Breakouts are also caused by hormonal shifts, I personally have a little break out when I’m due on my period due to hormone levels.

Skincare and skin routines are so individual to yourself that no one person has the same routine. You’ll find yourself switching things up now and again to suit your skins needs. So it’s important to know if your skins having a purge from introducing a new product or just having a little break out.

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