All About The Eyes.

All About The Eyes.

The first stages of ageing starts at 25, from this age the skin starts to very slowly deplete in collagen production and loose elasticity.

When I think of eye cream I always think of my grandma putting the thickest, whitest Avon eye cream on - thank science we have moved on from this. The earlier you start using an eye cream the more effective it will be, In your mid-to-late 20’s is the perfect time. Prevention is key in skincare the earlier you start the better results you will get. The way you apply eye cream is also really important, don’t drag the skin under they eyes it’s too delicate. To apply eye cream just gently dab it around your occipital bone (eye socket area) don’t drag the cream.

Eye masks are pretty much the same as sheet masks, don’t do much in the long run but great for night out or pre-occasion-prep. You’ll find Vitamin C, niacinamide and even retinol are common ingredients to help brighten the under eye area and help reduce the appearance those fine lines and wrinkles.

Good ones to try:
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