Bare Faced By Elle

Bare Faced By Elle

Welcome to my first ever blog post ..EEEK!

I’ve been in the beauty industry since I was 17 and immediately fell in love with it. Even though I had a few bumps along the way when it came to believing in myself as a therapist but I think we all doubt ourselves sometimes. I have the pleasure of being trained in some of the biggest brands in industry, that being said I love that you can transform someone’s confidence through the right skincare. Skincare and self care has always been a huge passion of mine I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to skin, the ingredients, the process, the treatments and most of all getting - the glow!

I’ve got so much planned in the way of this blog but mainly I want to just break down the mind field that everyday skincare can be. Especially when you every influencer and claiming to change your life with what products they’re getting paid to promote or what’s trendy to use right now - don’t get me wrong I’ve been sucked in on a number of occasions.

Let’s dive in. The skin is the largest organ in your body, it protects your organs, protects you from infection, is self healing and protects you from the sun (to an extent) so it deserves some care and attention right? First of all I wanted to start with knowing your own skin type, knowing the difference between a skin type and skin condition. Your skin type is the skin you are born with so this can be Normal, dry, combination and oily. I will list each one with a few characteristics to help you determine what your skin type is..

- Good skin texture
- Neither greasy or dry

- Skin feel ‘tight’ and may be ‘flakey’
- Skin looks dull
- Doesn’t absorb product easily
- Can be easily irritated by products

- Usually slightly greasier t zone
- Dry cheeks
- Black heads and spots may be present around the t zone

- Excessive sebum production (skin feels greasy)
- May appear shiny
- May have larger pores
- Back heads or spots may be present

With your skin type you may suffer with one of a few Skin conditions these are things such as:
Ichthyosis (scaling of the skin, Pigmentation, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Telangiectasia (broken capillaries)).

So effectively your skin can be oily and dehydrated at the same time! The skincare that you use needs to be good for your skin TYPE but also have key products and ingredients that will target and treat your skin CONDITION.

Over the course of the next few - probably a lot of posts I’m aiming to go through the importance of layering products, what to use and when. Each stage of the layering process with some good products to use for each skin type and price range because we don’t all have a fortune skincare budget. Basically everything we can talk about skincare wise we will! Acids, Retinol, skin purging, acne, pigmentation, SPF - You name it we’ll talk about it!

I’m so happy to be taking the leap and going on this journey and I hope someone finds it useful!

Elle Xx
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