Cleanse... And Cleanse Again.

Cleanse... And Cleanse Again.

Cleansing Is the first step in an effective routine, having a clean fresh base allows your other products to work amazingly. Cleansers are great because you only need one cleanser for your AM and PM routine. You don’t need to put much effort into getting a cleanser for a specific skin type either. All you need to do is find a cleanser that is oil based or a cleansing milk.. but personally I prefer oil based cleansers.

It's a skincare myth that if you have oily, acne or blemish prone skin that you cannot use oil based products. The types of cleansers they sell to this market are usually foaming which will actually make the condition worse, it’s stripping your skin of it’s natural oils. Your skin needs to be fed and hydrated.

Oil based cleansers are just lovely to use and great for all skin types. They cut through makeup, grime and SPF while keeping your skin hydrated. Single cleanse on a morning and always double cleanse on an evening if you don’t remove makeup and SPF it will clog pores and cause blemishes.

When cleansing apply the product with clean hands. Work around the face and neck in small circular motions and always work in an upward motion when applying anything to your skin. Remove with a clean flannel, muslin cloth or makeup remover pad.

I really wouldn’t spend insane amounts of money on a cleanser it’s a step in the process that you can get away with being a bit savvy. Some great cleansers to try:

CerVe Hydrating Cleanser Great for all skin types, non foaming cleanser. Enriched with 3 essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid.

The INKEY list oat cleansing balm Great for all skin types - but this would be good for a combination/oily skin as it helps clear the skins pores and Has Oat powder to help calm irritation too.

Body shop chamomile butter Great for all skin types - deep cleansing with calming chamomile, this product is also Vegan.

REN clean skincare perfect canvas clean jelly oil cleanser Great for all skin types. This cleanser is enriched with multiple oils to replenish lost hydration.

We will be going into exfoliating next, and the different ways you can exfoliate.

Elle Xx
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