Environ Facial Treatments, Part Two.

Environ Facial Treatments, Part Two.

The Cool Peel Treatment - Environs unique Cool Peel technology, is a non invasive, intelligent, skin renewal system, to safely and effectively revive, refine and brighten.

Wave goodbye to harsh chemical peels, not that they don’t have their place in the skincare industry but Environ cool peels deeply exfoliate while been extremely gentle and moisturising at the same time - with no down time! You could easily have one on your lunch break. 

These kind of treatments use active ingredients such as lactic acid and Vitamin C to help treat certain skin concerns such as Acne and Pigmentation which these peels are incredible for. Together with the cooling alginate mask and iontophoresis (pulsed) you will leave with a gorgeous fresh glow and effectively treated skin at the same time.

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