Gua Sha

Gua Sha

Firstly what is Gua Sha? We’ve been seeing it around a lot recently as it has suddenly become another popular trend. Gua Sha has been around for a very long time and was widely used by the ancient Chinese. 

Gua Sha which Is pronounced ‘gwahshah’ comes from the Chinese word for scraping and may also be known as skin scraping, spooning or coining. In traditional Chinese medicine Qi (chi) is an energy that flows through the body and must be balanced. It is believed that when Qi (chi) becomes blocked this can cause pain and tension within the muscles and Gua Sha aims to move this blocked energy to relieve tension. 

Now very westernised with everybody and their uncle selling Gua Sha tools.  This isn’t a problem however most places sell them without any history or guide to using them and are now commonly used within a daily skincare routine. This tool works as a facial massage tool and will help ‘de-puff’ your face, and even help contour over time when used regularly in your routine. When using this tool you can either use a facial oil or use the slick that’s left when you’ve finished your morning or night regime. Always work upwards with this tool, from the base of your neck to the top of your head in small sections. Use the tool to work towards lymph drainage points which are roughly around ears and temples. You are wanting to cause very slight erythema (redness) but the pressure shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, it also helps if the tool is cold. Here is a guide of movements: 
Gua Sha Movements

Gua Sha tools also come in different types of stone and this is what they mean:

Green (Jade) - the stone of eternal youth and is balancing.

Pink (Rose quartz) - Stone of love and is soothing.

Purple (amethyst) - stone of Tranquility and is calming.

Black - (black obsidian) - The stone of clarity and is warming. 

The combination that I use is a Jane Scrivner oil and rose quartz tool. Gua Sha is a beautiful addition to a skincare regime especially if you take the time to research the history and techniques behind it.



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