Product Review - Typology

Product Review - Typology

This brand is a little Gem in my opinion. It’s beautiful, simple, and French and you literally cannot get any better than that. Their products are beautifully simple and transparent as their main mission is to offer customers a premium natural skincare alternative. This cruelty-free brand aims to be as sustainable as possible, as all ingredients are sourced from sustainable farms using gentle extraction techniques - which is always a bonus in my eyes. 

‘Our philosophy is not to add anything to our products to make them stand out; instead we pare them back and distil each formula down to the most-essential, natural active ingredients.’ - Typology 
What I particularly love about this brand is the serums. I first bought their vitamin C, Niacinamide and Squalane and was impressed by the fact I could simply integrate these into my routine without changing the products I was already using. What’s lovely about the products is that they are uncoloured, do not have added fragrance, and are exactly what they say they are.  

Typology has an amazing line of products for the face and body catering to all skin types and conditions. if you’re unsure of what you are looking for you can search products by skin type or condition which makes it a lot easier to find the best products for you. 

It also has to be said that typology has a very aesthetically pleasing look and will fit perfectly into any ‘shelfie’ 

 - I have a few more things in my basket that I cannot wait to try. 

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