Protecting The Skins Barrier

Protecting The Skins Barrier

You’ll be hearing and seeing everyone talking about how important protecting the skin barrier is at the moment. The skin barrier is the outer most layer of skin that protects your body from environmental stresses such as pollutions, while also protecting the critical water balance within the skin. Damage to your skins barrier can show itself as dryness, inflammation and sensitivity. There’re a few key ingredients that can help maintain your skins barrier health.

Niacinamide boosts barrier function by increasing ceramide production.
Ceramides are fatty acids that help maintain the skins barrier and hold moisture.
Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that hold 1000x it weight in water so will pull moisture back into the skin when used correctly.

Squalane is an occlusive which means it will act as a physical barrier between the skin and the air to prevent water loss.

If you feel like your skin barrier may be compromised then strip your skincare routine right back to the basics and let it repair itself. As long as you have these ingredients in your routine it will allow that skin barrier to thrive. Also you know I’m going say it because it’s a given to wear SPF - protect that skin.

Some products to help protect and repair the skin barrier:
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