Review - The INKEY List

Review - The INKEY List

This brand is a great in so many ways, I really enjoy their products for a few different reasons. I actually have a few Products from the INKEY List, as they are good quality products for the price point.

This brand have some great features on their website called askINKEY and Recipe builder. This is to allow you to ask any questions about products and what is best for certain skin conditions if you’re unsure - knowledge is power. Recipe builder is also a really useful feature as all you have to do is answer a few questions about your skin and it generates a full routine of products that are ideal for you.

The packaging is another thing about this brand I really like, the fact it’s very gender neutral and accessible to all skin types.

The Oat Cleanser is a product I will purchase over and over again, it has a beautiful texture and aims to maintain skins barrier health while cleansing - it’s only £9.99! I also really enjoy the Caffeine Eye Cream and Retinol, I really struggle with retinol but this one is really gentle and a great starter retinol if your thinking of adding it to your routine. If you don’t have a fortune to spend on skincare this is a great option.

Elle Xx
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