The importance of layering products and what to use when..

The importance of layering products and what to use when..

Layering products is something that differs between every single individual. To get the very best from your skincare layering them correctly is so important.

Layering your products will differ between AM and PM routines. Always use your heavier, richer products on an evening that’s when your skin takes the time to repair and protect itself. So that’s the time you should be putting the most effort into your skincare as you’ll get the maximum benefits. AM routines can be a very simple affair - If you like to wear make-up daily having a really clean hydrated skin is the perfect primer.

So here is an outline of a typical AM and PM routine...

AM - Cleanse - Hydrating toner/ Hyaluronic acid - Eye cream - Moisturise - SPF ( a must! )

PM - Double cleanse (especially if you wear SPF and make-up) - Exfoliate (only up to twice a week or low grade BHA nightly) - Facial oil /serum - Eye cream - Moisturise

Basically this is the order you need to be layering your products so that you’re getting the most from your skincare.

From here well go in to every stage in detail, look at what’s best for different skin types and conditions and recommend some great products for every budget - there is no excuse for not taking care of yourself and your skin!

Elle Xx
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